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We specialize in preparation and supplying any kinds of dates, syrups and nuts of the highest quality

Do you know what a huge impact eating two to five dates a day will have on your health?

Dates provide a great deal of your daily needs as the dates are rich in minerals, all kinds of vitamins, iron, potassium, phosphorus, fiber, copper, zinc, magnesium, thiamine and dozens of other properties you'll only find in dates .

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A weak body weakens the mind and a strong mind and body need a proper and effective diet.

Date syrup will provide you with the energy you need, supply all the minerals and vitamins you need, and eliminate many toxins and strengthen your body's nervous system, the secret of your body and mind health. Date syrup, along with all the properties of dates, is an energizing substance and a unique miracle.

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Nuts are the little ones that have the most power.

Health, vitality, weight loss, energy supply, metabolism boost, heart boost, boost brain function, boost nervous system, improve rheumatic pains and strengthen bones and thousands of other strengths by consuming just a few fresh and healthy nuts daily

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Khormasiah products

Today we are here to election you the best kind of dates in Iran and worldwide to remind you of the way to health.

Scientists worldwide believe that there is no food like dates in the world and that is why dates are considered a health valve.

Date Types:

  • Mazafati dates
  • Piarom date
  • Aloei date
  • Kabkab date
  • Khasuei date
  • Kalite date
Whatever you expect of quality, we will bring you.

Dates are rich in many vitamins, minerals and many amazing properties that are not found in any other food.

Date Types:

  • Rabi dates
  • honey date
  • Zahedi date
  • Shahani date
  • Berhi date
  • Estameran date
Our products are best manufactured and prepared to protect your body,soul and mind

Date syrup is the life of dates, the integrity of dates accumulated in date syrup and bring you a lot of energy, health and vitality daily

Types of syrup:

  • Date syrup
  • Apple syrup
  • Fig syrup
  • Blackberry syrup
  • Grape syrup
  • Mix syrup
Fresh nuts are equal to health. We give you the secret of your health

By eating just a few nutrients nuts a day, you will not only control your weight, but also get the types of protein, vitamins and many minerals recommended for health.

Type of nuts:

  • Pistachio
  • Fig
  • Walnuts
  • Almonds
  • Green raisin
  • Currant
Syrup alone provides your body with energy, repels germs, and even fights cancer cells.

Date syrup is a health extract that is best prepared to provide you with a life-saving nutrition by providing you with the minerals, vitamins, fiber and antioxidants you need.

Types of syrup:

  • Date syrup
  • Apple syrup
  • Fig syrup
  • Blackberry syrup
  • Grape syrup
  • Mix syrup(Date, Grape ,Fig)